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Customer Testimonials

If you would like to leave a testimonial, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent, go to our comments section and fill out a comment box. We will post them all, as honesty and integrity are our number one priorities. You can also send a note in the mail and we will be happy to copy your comments.

TSBC - Property Management

"Owning several apartment complexes in North Jersey, as well as some low-rent housing, we spent many years trying to find someone who could improve the grounds, just to be told it couldn't be done. Star Green came in and not only improved our maintenance ten-fold, but has grown beautiful lawns in areas that everyone else said it couldn't be done. They improved the aesthetics of all of our complexes ten-fold! By far the most professional and honest contractors I have ever worked with."

Sharon W. 1/20/2014

"Star Green Golf/Landscaping is without a doubt the most professional and courteous company we have ever had the pleasure of working with. The professionalism and caring they bring to the job is definitely the best we have ever worked with. Anyone looking for complex/building maintenance would be hard pressed to find a better company. Their pricing is outstanding and the care and quality of their work is second to none."

Jess P. 11/30/2013

"Just wanted to let you know your men did an outstanding job cleaning the leaves and winterizing my yard. They went above and beyond what I was actually expecting!"

Jess P. 11/30/2013

Star Green Landscaping turned my derelict front yard into a beautiful and welcoming part of my home. The wall and landscaping were designed with such care and attention to detail. It makes me smile every time I come home. Charlie and his crew also transformed my backyard into a thing of beauty. It is now a very serene place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The quality of work performed was excellent. I especially appreciated the neat and professional manner everyone exhibited. Thank you !!! Joyce LaBrutto

Bob S. 10/02/2013

"Charlie - wanted to say great job this year. This is the first time in all the years I've owned my home that my lawn has stayed crab grass and weed free. It has never looked so beautiful, and through what turned out to be a very hot and dry summer. Look forward to many more years of using your service."

Mary M. 9/21/2013

"Dear Charlie, thank you for what you have done with my front and back lawns. The grass is just spectacular. The back is so much improved and has never been so full. Thank you so much, very much appreciated."

Pete & Katie. 9/20/2013

"Hey guys, I wanted to say thank you again so much. The landscaping came out amazingly. We just had all the family and our friends over for a labor day BBQ, all anyone could talk about was how wonderful the back yard is. Thank you."

JoAnne G. 6/15/2013

"Thank you, the shrubs and new fence are beautiful."

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