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Fertilizer and weed control tips

With spring upon us, Just a friendly tip to homeowners.. Many of the lawn care companies will want to treat your lawn on their time table.

Remember , the need for nutrients in your lawn will depend on soil temps, not the calender.

By treating to soon or to late will mean all the difference in the condition of your lawn.

with spring beginning on the cold side with below normal temps, all weed control will be prolonged..

Fertilizer applications should be held off as well.. to much nitrogen in the soil will promote certain fungus and not benefit the plants as they are still in dormant stage at this point.

Today I watched as one of the national lawn care chains applied fert and weed control to a few lawns, I felt bad for the home owners who were just ripped off by people who know nothing of plant care only bill writing.

If you find yourself in need of tips or help with your lawn, please feel free to contact us and see if we can help you to have the beautiful lawn you have always wanted while saving money as well..

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